At Cape Verde’s mystic Santo Antão Island.

Mountains above the Ocean, lonesome shores and suprisingly green valleys: Santo Antão is Cape Verde’s gem and home to Mamiwata Ecovillage.

Welcome to Cape Verde!

Mamiwata Ecovillage is located at the wonderful Cape Verde Islands. Right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean we are at the island of Santo Antão, where mountains rise high above the waves. A virgin nature, fresh air and endless views, hidden valleys and small agriculture are typical for our home island.

Welcome to Wow!

Listed regularly amoung the world’s top tourism destinations, Santo Antão is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. Incredible valleys, hiking paths above the Ocean and epic views will make you feel on a place, not from this world.

Welcome to Culture!

Cape Verde is a diverse country living a mixed and vivid culture. With a mix of African, Brazilian and European influences Cape Verde is home to some of the world’s leading world music stars, famous carnival sessions as well as Jazz and theatre festivals. Cultural centre of the islands is Mindelo, the port city right connecting our island.

Welcome to the world!

Cape Verde is a well connected and modern country. It actually hosts 4 international airports with a variety of daily flight connections to Europe. The closest airport is São Vicente Island (VXE) with direct flights to Portugal and other European destinations.

From São Vicente you will commute to Mamiwata Ecovillage with daily ferry boats from Mindelo (São Vicente Island) to Porto Novo (Santo Antã0 Island).

Other international entry airports are Praia (RAI), Sal Island (SID) and Boavista (BVC), hosting together dozens of daily connections to Europe.

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Mamiwata Ecovillage
, Santo Antão
, Cabo Verde
Montemar Alojamente Lda, 
Cidade de Mindelo
, Cabo Verde

Mamiwata Ecovillage. Naturalmente Cabo Verde.