Opening tour to Mamiwata Eco Village

Landing approach to Mindelo, the capital of São Vicente. Once in the city, we are surrounded by live music. Wow! Next day we take the ferry to Santo Antão. Breakfast at Mamiwata. It consists exclusively of locally grown products.

Freshly fortified, we climb the terraced slopes, halfway to the pool. The pool is also naturally designed and does not require any chemical cleaning agents. Further up enthrones the “eagle’s nest”, so the working title of a multipurpose building enthroned over the plant, in which in the future for example Yoga seminars are to take place. Then we see the hotel’s own photovoltaic system and the seawater desalination plant. The hotel is completely self-sufficient. Really impressive!

Then we discover the island. As we cross passes, we are suddenly shrouded in fog. We hike through the Paúl valley, passing numerous banana, papaya and breadfruit trees, as well as sugar cane and coffee plants. In the evening we visit the new vineyard. It’s right next to the photovoltaic poles of Mamiwata Eco Village. Until the first wine is produced, we enjoy a Cape Verdean Fogo wine, which is grown on the edge of the volcano Pico on the island of Fogo. Small appetizers from the kitchen, which went wonderfully with the selected wines, rounded off the experience. Afterwards, from my room, my balcony and my bed, I enjoy the view of the ocean. Wow! What a place! What an island! What a hotel!

Ana Lena, travelled to Mamiwata Eco Village in November 2022