Sustainable and fair.

Cape Verde’s first eco hotel! Fair to our world, fair to our environment and fair to our guests.

It all starts with a helping hand

When we started the idea of Mamiwata Eco Village, it was clear that the hotel shall be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible. So, we gave nature a helping hand. We terraced a rocky, arid and dry mountain – what was the base to create agriculture on it. Now Mamiwata Eco Village is surrounded by our own gardens and vineyards where our gardeners care for the soil and plants.

Friends with
Mama Earth

Our buildings are made from local stone, planned by local architects, and built by local workers. On the roofs and terraces we grow local plants. Solar energy is powering the hotel and water is recycled. We did not install air condition, but use the steady fresh ocean breeze, fans, and construction style to cool the rooms.

Local products

Mamiwata tries to live in harmony with the communities of Santo Antão and thus the hotel acquires additional food and supplies directly from the island or from other Cape Verdean islands. Meat, vegetables, grogue and mineral water for example come from Santo Antão.

Reliable and fair

Mamiwata Eco Village is based on the principles of fairness and respect to the environment. This includes the way we are dealing with our employees and our guest. A small visible sign: whenever you stay with us, we’ll remind you of the construction workers of our hotel. Each room and villa is named after one: João, Manecas, Romário and many more of them.

Independent of energy and water

We have integrated a large photovoltaic array that normally produces enough energy for everything we need. Clean energy – that was very important for all of us. The water we need comes from our own well and is pumped with clean energy to where we need it. We clean in our own desalination plant. We also use some of the service water, filtered to irrigate our gardens. We are aware of our responsibility and want to be a role model.

Before and after

Just in case: Here you can see how Mamiwata Eco Village’s area looked during the process of terracing, at the beginning of construction works.


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